Episode #30 Final Episode – Love Is A Verb

Love is a Verb

Episode 30 – Final Episode: Love is a Verb   We get to hear from Jake this episode and hear things from his perspective.   Love is an action, it’s a commitment and you commit to it over and over.    In this episode, Meredith and Jake discuss and wrap-up the final things they believe…

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Episode #29 Positive and Negative Sentiment Override

Positive and Negative Sentiment Override

Episode 29 – Positive and Negative Sentiment Override   This topic can be similar to confirmation bias: idea in our head that once we have it then we kind of look for it.    Negative sentiment override with a partner is where we begin viewing positive or neutral interactions as negative; Positive sentiment override is…

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Episode #28 It’s Not About The Toothpaste


Episode 28 – It’s Not About The Toothpaste   The reality is we all have our quirks, but it is not really about that.    Meredith asks to think about your own relationship and really dive deeper to find those underlying needs of your partner. It isn’t only the surface.   With her and Jake-…

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Episode #27 Resiliency


Episode 27 – Resiliency   Every relationship goes through tough periods all on a spectrum of severity, frequency, etc. Without doubt, all relationships will be tested in some way. Just because these tough times occur that does not mean that the relationship cannot come out stronger and with more resiliency.   *Disclosure statement: Meredith is…

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Episode #26 Adaptability


Episode 26 – Adaptability “Marry the person not the situation.”    Meredith describes adaptability as being a sibling of the word flexibility and is important in a relationship. Roll with the punches! It is important to be with someone you can grow together with and always come out stronger. Adaptability is crucial to the overall…

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Episode #25 Assertiveness


Episode 25 – Assertiveness Assertiveness is to state your wants and needs without stepping on your partner’s toes   Meredith admits that with her relationship with Jake they tend to go more of a passive approach and work towards being more assertive. She tells how she has learned and is continuing to learn on how…

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Episode #24 Boundaries


Episode 24 – Boundaries In relationships, boundaries are where knowing where you and your partner begin and end. They are healthy. They come from a place of self-respect and should not be seen as negative.   Boundaries with Jake and Meredith- Meredith explains how she and Jake are different in how they are wired which…

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Episode #23 Unmet Expectations

Unmet Expectations

Episode 23 – Unmet Expectations Meredith first learned about this topic in Grad School when a speaker, couples counselor, came in and discussed it by saying, “what do you think is the number one thing couples fight about? Unmet Expectations.” At the end of the day, whatever the argument is about, it probably goes much…

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Episode #22 Intimacy


Episode 22 – Intimacy Meredith summarizes this topic in its various levels. She shares her belief that understanding the levels can help intimacy in one’s relationship and if you’re single, one can learn about the potential connection you could have with your partner or even in relationships that are not romantic.   She first discusses…

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Episode #21 Accepting Influence

Accepting Influence

Episode 21 – Accepting Influence Our way of being has completely changed!   This episode was recorded the week after all of the world shut down with all the outbreaks of COVID-19.    Meredith decides to talk about the idea of accepting influence in relationships, marriages, or if you are single and thinking about a…

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