Episode 27 - Resiliency


Every relationship goes through tough periods all on a spectrum of severity, frequency, etc. Without doubt, all relationships will be tested in some way. Just because these tough times occur that does not mean that the relationship cannot come out stronger and with more resiliency.


*Disclosure statement: Meredith is not talking about extreme things or things that one feels are not willing to be worked out*


Her experience with Jake:

She has mentioned their year break-up before, but this experience was a clear example of resiliency, she shares. They had to go through the tough time and came out on the other end.

In 2016, the stress of jobs and planning a wedding was also a tough time that would have hurt their relationship, but they leaned into anxiety and conflict and had to really overall commit to one another and compromise together in order to get through it.


It is easy for a lot of us to throw in the towel when you hit a roadblock. Each person’s roadblocks are different and their own preference. If you are going through or have gone through a tough period of time, ask yourself “what is the role of teamwork?” “what is the role of weekly conversations?” “how are you doing with forgiveness?” “underlying meanings of the dissonance?” and more. 


Part of a relationship is generosity: when can we extend belief to our partners that they are doing the best they can. 


If you are in a hard time with your partner and really do not see how to get through it but you want to, do try couples or individual counseling which may help with the conversations you may need to talk about.

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