Episode #17 Pursuer and Distancer


Episode 17 – Pursuer and Distancer You are so low maintenance and easy going with this Holiday! Hey everyone, welcome to BWBL episode 17. I am really excited to talk to you guys again, and I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day; if it is something that you celebrate. It is something that…

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Episode #16 Traveling


Episode 16 – Traveling Hi again, welcome to episode 16 of BWBL. My name is Meredith Riddick and I am excited to talk to you guys today. We are going to be talking about traveling with your partners or future partners. So, I love this topic! Traveling provides such rich opportunities for building rituals or…

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Episode #15 Attraction


Episode 15 – Attraction  “Yeah, she is cute enough!” Hey everybody, welcome to episode 15 of BWBL! Today I really wanted us to talk about the topic of attraction. And I will tell you guys why it has been on my mind a little bit more these days, it is kind of funny! I don’t…

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