Eating disorders

addressing anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating, and more

Eating Disorders

What We Do

We would love to help you explore a relationship with yourself or your body that may be manifesting itself through issues with food ranging from anorexia and ARFID to bulimia and binge eating disorder. On the other hand, maybe you are someone who consistently turns down social invitations because you feel worried about how you look. We can help.

Eating Disorders and Control

And how many times have you heard “eating disorders are just about control.” Well, I can tell you this is both true AND false! While some eating disorders are about control, many are not. In fact, there are lots of issues that can contribute to an eating disorder.

Someone could come from an amazing family, have no trauma, make great grades and overall is such a great kid, but maybe they’re wired to be a little anxious or perfectionistic.

And they start a goal to just be a little healthier and begin to not eat as many sweets and eat more vegetables. But before you know it, they have gone vegan, are exercising a ton and have lost a lot of weight. That’s a common scenario we see with our adolescent clients especially.

Families, Body Image and Binge Eating

Or maybe you’re someone who also comes from a great family, but maybe there was a focus on being thin or losing weight, so you were put on many diets when you were a kid or teenager. Then, before you know it, binge eating takes over your life at some point after you move out of your home.

Trauma can certainly impact a person’s coping skills and maybe restriction or binge eating serve to make someone so invisible that no one wants to touch them again. So the eating disorder becomes a form of coping through self-protection.


There are so many contributing factors to an eating disorder and it just depends on the person!  We can help work through all these possibilities and end with a satisfying outcome of freedom, flexibility and a healthy sense of self.


Our society certainly operates in a way that makes it difficult to experience body acceptance.  Maybe you’re someone who has a normal relationship with food, but you really dislike (or maybe even hate) your appearance.  If you find yourself changing your outfit multiple times a day or going through great lengths to hide parts of your appearance, we can absolutely help you process that and get to a place of living life again without feeling like you need to hide!

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