Parents, Teens and Emotion Coaching


  Parents, Teens and Emotion Coaching So what do parents, teens and emotion coaching have to do with an eating disorder?   Going through an eating disorder or even being a caregiver of someone with an eating disorder can be just as difficult mentally and emotionally as it is physically. In my experience, a lot…

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Telehealth Sessions


  Telehealth Sessions Hurricane Harvey Since being in private practice starting in 2009, I had done virtual Telehealth sessions with clients every now and then.  However, in 2017, when Hurricane Harvey hit the city of Houston, Telehealth sessions became a necessity.  At this point, I had a group practice with two locations and several other…

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Meditation Made Easy

  Ever cringe when you hear the word meditate?  I have to be honest and share that I definitely have.  In the beginning, I think it was because it felt a little “froo froo” to me.  A little out there…like, you want me to do whaaaat? You know what I’m saying?  And then I began…

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Orthorexia – When Desire for a Healthy Lifestyle Becomes an Unhealthy Obsession

You may have heard the term “orthorexia” as it relates to eating disorder.  While not a formal diagnosis, it’s a way to differentiate one restrictive/avoidance type of eating disorder from another.  For example, one may be diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa and has behaviors around caloric restriction while another may fall under the diagnosis of Anorexia…

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What To Expect In Recovery From An Eating Disorder

My friend, colleague and business partner extraordinaire has this great idea for us to write blogs together.  We are both passionate not only about eating disorder treatment, but also the treatment team collaboration that is so important.  We hope you enjoy various topics from the perspective the dietitian and the therapist!  Here are our thoughts…

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