Positive and Negative Sentiment Override

Episode 29 - Positive and Negative Sentiment Override


This topic can be similar to confirmation bias: idea in our head that once we have it then we kind of look for it. 


Negative sentiment override with a partner is where we begin viewing positive or neutral interactions as negative; Positive sentiment override is where we come from a positive perspective and believe that a partner means well and views negative things in a better light.


Negative sentiment tends to spiral a relationship down because it overlooks the things a couple can work through and just sees negativity. 


Her experience with Jake-

The year they broke up. She found out what it was like to be without Jake for a year and in a sense it woke her up to be more in that positive sentiment override which really helped their relationship.


Her experience with clients-

This typically is a tough topic for clients to realize. You always want someone on your side. Meredith tries to hold space for validating her client but also focusing on what the client can do for themselves. The vast majority of us are not doing things on purpose for an on-going amount of time. If it feels on purpose, you may want to look at where it is coming from and look into that negative sentiment override. 


All of us need to be able to accept influence, turning toward bids for emotional connection, and building admiration for our partner. Also, eliminating the four horsemen that put so much negativity on the relationship.


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