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Hey Lady, we see you.  Maybe you love your person, but things could be better.  Way better, in fact.  When it's good with your partner, it's really good.  But when it's bad, it's bad.  You want off this emotional roller coaster, or maybe, you'd be okay with just a little bit of emotion expressed!  That's all you're asking for!  Is that too much? What in the world does Better Wife Better Life mean anyway?


You desire change in your relationship. Maybe you're not exactly sure what kind of change, you just know that your relationship is capable of being way better or maybe things have gotten so bad that you need change in order for your relationship to even continue.


The unknown is scary, just as much as the same thing over and over can be scary.  You may even ask yourself, "is this what the rest of my life is going to be like???" 


Often the most common reason couples may have conflict that feels stifling is unmet expectations.  That's right, unmet expectations.  Does that seem like a surprise?  It's not necessarily sex, money, job, communication or whatever else we've often come up with to explain what often boils down to grieving what we thought our relationship would be like.


But change is tough.  Why can't my partner just follow through on what they said they would when we got together?  Or why can't my partner understand I'm different than I was 10 years ago and my goals in life have changed?  I thought I was with someone who would grow with me, not go against me!


We get you.  In fact, we've been there!


Better Wife Better Life is all about helping you figure out what changes may help your relationship, or maybe even save your relationship, and practical strategies to actually implement these changes.


Check out our Blogs, YouTube channel, E-Courses, or Individual Therapy and we'll start walking along this adventure right there by your side.


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