Episode 28 - It's Not About The Toothpaste


The reality is we all have our quirks, but it is not really about that. 


Meredith asks to think about your own relationship and really dive deeper to find those underlying needs of your partner. It isn’t only the surface.


With her and Jake-

They both squeeze their toothpaste differently! She shares a story about the way she even brushes her teeth is annoying to Jake which she finds humor in because he doesn’t get annoyed often. When it comes to things that need to be done, Meredith is a go-getter and likes certain things done her way. Jake at times will point out a different way to do it and when she ignores him she is refusing to accept that influence. It is an on-going learning process!


With client experience-

She has had entire sessions with clients about an argument they had with their partner that was never resolved and she tries to peel back each underlying layer to really get to the root on both sides, without invalidating her client. Meredith reminds us that in order to move forward with certain issues (like the toothpaste, nothing severe), you have to be open to it. 


Remember to ask yourself: “Is it really about the toothpaste?? Or is it not really about the toothpaste??”


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