Don’t Believe Everything You Think

safe in stillness

Photo by Leon Biss on Unsplash Negative Thoughts I wish I knew who said this as just these five words contain so much wisdom!  We cannot control everything that comes in and our of our minds, as much as we may attempt to.  Negative thoughts can be normal!  What we can do, though, is strive…

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Hidden Anxiety

Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash Do you ever feel the need to take a significant amount of control in your life?  Or maybe even control the life of others?  You know that feeling when you’re about to give a presentation and you kind of feel like you may be sick to your stomach?  How…

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The Power of Love

As I reflect on Valentine’s Day this year, I am reminded of our unrealistic cultural expectations of love and relationships.  It is my hope to open the door to continued conversation on what the power of love really is. What exactly is love? My first thought is that love is a choice, not an emotion. …

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