Episode #13 Affair Proof Your Marriage

Affair Proof Your Marriage

Episode # 13 – Affair Proof Your Marriage It is roughly 50/50 Hello, welcome to episode 13 of Better Wife Better Life. Today we are going to be talking about how to affair proof your marriage.  I first have to acknowledge that I am not the first one to come up with that term, and…

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Episode #12 Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationship

Episode # 12 –  Long Distance Relationships   Hey everyone, welcome to episode 12 of Better Wife Better Life where we are going to be talking about long distance relationships today. So, hopefully you guys get something out of this, maybe you have been in a long distance relationship before or currently in one. Or…

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Episode #11 Rituals

couples with rituals

Episode # 11 –  Rituals  You are not alone, we are in this together. Hey everybody, we are pretty much into the new year, so I thought today we would do something like a New Year’s resolution; not quite, but we are going to talk about relationship rituals today. So, rituals and traditions are things…

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Parents, Teens and Emotion Coaching


  Parents, Teens and Emotion Coaching So what do parents, teens and emotion coaching have to do with an eating disorder?   Going through an eating disorder or even being a caregiver of someone with an eating disorder can be just as difficult mentally and emotionally as it is physically. In my experience, a lot…

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