Feeling Safe in Stillness

safe in stillness

  Feeling Safe in Stillness Right now, chaos reigns.  Maybe it is turning on the news to hear scary statistics and who has what level of surge happening or going to happen.  Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to work from home when you left critical notes or resources at the office (who didn’t??). …

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Telehealth Sessions


  Telehealth Sessions Hurricane Harvey Since being in private practice starting in 2009, I had done virtual Telehealth sessions with clients every now and then.  However, in 2017, when Hurricane Harvey hit the city of Houston, Telehealth sessions became a necessity.  At this point, I had a group practice with two locations and several other…

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Meditation Made Easy

  Ever cringe when you hear the word meditate?  I have to be honest and share that I definitely have.  In the beginning, I think it was because it felt a little “froo froo” to me.  A little out there…like, you want me to do whaaaat? You know what I’m saying?  And then I began…

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