Episode 26 - Adaptability

“Marry the person not the situation.” 


Meredith describes adaptability as being a sibling of the word flexibility and is important in a relationship. Roll with the punches! It is important to be with someone you can grow together with and always come out stronger. Adaptability is crucial to the overall health of the relationship.


Covid-19 has brought up a time that no one has ever experienced and we have all had to adapt to what is going on and what has changed. Like Covid-19, there are many unknowns that occur in the span of a relationship.


With her and Jake’s relationship-

When he changed jobs and even moved to another state, there had to be a lot of adaptability in this. Meredith admits it was a learning curve because she struggles in general with adaptability yet has found being with Jake as a grateful experience because he is so patient with her. 


Adaptability takes a healthy balance of planning without controlling the situation while also being in reality and acknowledging what is going on. It really is leaning into anxiety. It requires teamwork with your partner to adapt to situations neither of you can control.


Think about the word “pivot”: you have to stay grounded on one foot but you need the other to pivot and yet things are still unpredictable. Being able to adapt allows you to have various ways to go about the situation.


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