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Social Comparison, Envy and Anxiety

  Have you ever noticed how simple acts can quickly invoke feelings of envy, failure, anxiety, or insecurity?  Things like going to a particular website, reading a social media post or even noting what clothes or cars people have may be examples.  Social comparison is common and one of the reasons we have these emotions…

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New Mom, New Struggle: Part II

Good news, you’re not alone. This is the second installment of our “New Mom” series: New Mom, New Struggle.” If you haven’t read the first part of the series, you can access that by clicking here. In the first part of our series, we opened the floodgates on this whole new world called “motherhood.” We…

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New Mom, New Struggle: Part I

So, you’re a mom now Becoming a new mom is a courageous and vulnerable act. Whether you’re a new mom for the first time, or you’re adding to your family, you have some unique and often unacknowledged challenges and successes ahead of you. If you didn’t grow up with supportive parents or maybe you don’t…

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Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO DBT) Why so many acronyms in mental health?  I ask myself this almost daily.  At any rate, RO DBT is a newish type of therapy I think will be life changing for many clients. Never heard of it What do I mean by newish?  It’s been researched for over…

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Dealing with the difficult emotions

Dealing with the difficult emotions can often be the core of some mental health issues.  We’re often taught strategies of avoidance or defensiveness, though with perfectly good intentions. Types of Difficult Emotions Sometimes difficult emotions such as anxiety, sadness or anger are met with assumptions of weakness, moodiness or being “too sensitive.”  In reality, these…

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The Relief of a Diagnosis

Starting the Counseling Process So often people enter counseling with some fear and trepidation around what exactly the clinician might say.  Am I ‘normal’?  Am I the only person experiencing challenges to my way of being in the world?  These are universal questions those of us who struggle with such challenges ask ourselves.  Often the…

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