Episode 24 - Boundaries

In relationships, boundaries are where knowing where you and your partner begin and end. They are healthy. They come from a place of self-respect and should not be seen as negative.


Boundaries with Jake and Meredith-

Meredith explains how she and Jake are different in how they are wired which leads to a difference in their boundaries with one another and how they express them. For example, Meredith tells how she is big on alone time so she tries to take a bath every night and Jake respects this time for her and will be working on something else usually. She also details how they have boundaries on money and discuss with one another in a way that doesn’t control one another yet they check each other.


Client experience-

A lot of her clients have struggled with low self-esteem meaning maybe they are not used to someone else taking into account their needs. Sometimes, it is good to have boundaries about fighting and conversations and of course physical boundaries. 


When you think about boundaries, remember to be flexible! There will be non-negotiables but acknowledge them!


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