Episode 25 - Assertiveness

Assertiveness is to state your wants and needs without stepping on your partner’s toes


Meredith admits that with her relationship with Jake they tend to go more of a passive approach and work towards being more assertive. She tells how she has learned and is continuing to learn on how to be more assertive alongside being flexible and adaptable.


Figuring out gift giving together:

This experience between Meredith and Jake has been through she tells how they learned to meet a middle ground on how to give gifts while understanding each other’s wants and needs together since they both grew up receiving and giving gifts differently.


A weekly conversation:

They participate in a conversation each week to really tell each other their wants and needs and has helped them be able to communicate this.


With her clients-

A lot of the time when clients feel as if they are not getting something in their relationship, they have not said it or they assume they should know. The responsibility of speaking up for what you want and need is ultimately up to you because no one is a mind reader. 


Try to build in some structure with checking in with your partner. Listen to one another and say what you want and need. Sometimes, a conversation is key!


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