Unmet Expectations

Episode 23 - Unmet Expectations

Meredith first learned about this topic in Grad School when a speaker, couples counselor, came in and discussed it by saying, “what do you think is the number one thing couples fight about? Unmet Expectations.” At the end of the day, whatever the argument is about, it probably goes much deeper than that.


With personal experience-

She tells about her and Jake’s expectations they went into when they started dating. These expectations were said or unsaid and also changed as time went on together. 


With client experience-

Meredith reflects on conversations with clients about unmet expectations and how they compare from the single clients she has had and the ones that have been married for a while. Flexibility is often key in growing together. “Marry the person, not the expectation.” Recognize that things are going to change overtime, especially physically. One should focus more on character, habits, and patterns in order to see the things you can handle for the rest of your life. 


Be open to change! Be clear about your expectations and even re-check if you and your partner have realistic expectations for one another in general.

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