Episode 22 - Intimacy

Meredith summarizes this topic in its various levels. She shares her belief that understanding the levels can help intimacy in one’s relationship and if you’re single, one can learn about the potential connection you could have with your partner or even in relationships that are not romantic.


She first discusses emotional influence and goes into detail about each of the following examples below that come to mind when describing emotional intimacy. 






She tells us to think about where emotional intimacy is apparent in our lives and relationships and if there is a lack then try to figure out why that is.


Next up: physical influence which too comes in various forms such as holding hands, kiss on the cheek, light physical touch, etc.

Meredith discusses in romantic relationships it becomes important to have a mutual understanding and respect with one’s partner about each other’s needs and desires. Finding a win-win. 


She then goes into another intimacy: social influence. Is your partner your friend or even best friend? Where are you connecting outside of work and physical intimacy? Do you both have friends outside of your relationship? Do you discuss boundaries?


Finally she discusses spiritual influence, which very much depends on where you are with your spirituality in your life. 


After detailing the various intimacies in relationships whether romantic or not, Meredith shares more about her and Jake’s relationship.  She compares to where their relationship intimacy started versus now and of course, it takes work!


Enter therapist talk-

Meredith then shares some of her experience with clients when discussing intimacy that physical and emotional intimacy tend to go hand and hand. She tells how chances are if they feel one way then the other person is also lacking as well and how to go about talking to your partner about these feelings.


You need to understand you!

She had to learn how to connect with someone other than a friend on a deeper level for an extended period of time. 


Research around intimacy-


Gottman encourages conversation about intimacy. Talk about it all; have a mutual agreement about each other’s intimacy and try to understand the underlying desires of your partner. Learning your partner’s love languages is an important tool to utilize when trying to mutualize each other’s intimacy. 


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