Therapist Brings New Eating Disorder & Anxiety Therapy Treatment to Ashburn VA

Harmony Therapy Group Eating Disorder & Anxiety Therapy Treatment Ashburn VA

Meredith Riddick, the owner of Harmony Therapy Group, answers strong demand from the Ashburn, VA community for her company s innovative methods to treating the wide varieties of eating disorders and anxieties. This new location is 8 miles from Inova Loudoun Hospital and is scheduled to open and start receiving patients on March 7th, 2019. The main focus of opening in Ashburn is to help bring better awareness to the residents and a proactive approach to dealing with the wide array of Eating Disorders and Anxiety.

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As Mrs. Riddick continues to build the layout for their permanent physical location, the company will temporarily work out of Insight Into Action Therapy, which is located at 44340 Premier Plaza #230, Ashburn, VA 20147. When addressing the state of various disorders, Mrs. Riddick says It's tough out there. Society does not always make it easy to feel good about ourselves and our relationships. Our passion is walking alongside you and people like you every day. We invest in our education, training, and experience to equip you with the tools you need for effective change and helping you get back your life.

In Ashburn, HTG will be able to expand and treat the Loudoun County community and offer specific therapy services to its 43,511 residents. Harmony Therapy Group has taken great and consistent strides at continuing their education, learning new and more effective ways to treat patients, and focusing on treatments that are proven to be working right now. They have found that these 3 focal points have addressed the majority of their client's concerns when looking for a reputable therapist.

This new location will be Harmony Therapy Group s 3rd location, joining two other locations located in the cities of Houston, Texas and Katy, Texas respectively. The office hours in Ashburn, VA will be Wednesday through Friday, 10AM-6PM.

To speak with Meredith for more information about the practice or how to set up a time to speak with her about treatment options, you can reach her at 703-542-4010. Also, feel free to schedule an appointment online at

Contact Info:
Name: Meredith Riddick
Organization: Harmony Therapy Group
Address: 2190 N Loop W #402, Houston, Tx 77018, United States

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