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Better Wife Better Life

My Name is Meredith Riddick, I am a therapist, a licensed professional counselor. I finished graduate school in 2006 and have been seeing clients since then. No matter what the presenting issue might be that I am working on with my clients, relationships always come into the picture. I am known for treating eating disorders and I also have trained specialties in trauma and anxiety, and through that, I have worked with a lot of female clients. With that,  I have gotten more into the relationship concerns in those realms. I was trained in the Level 1 Gottman method. The relationship principles are incorporated into the individual work I do with my clients, again, whether it is a romantic relationship or not.

Principles and Practices within my Marriage

Six years ago, I met my future husband, and we have been married for about 3 years now. Within that process, I have become a wife. I get a lot more practice implementing all the principles I talk about with my clients in my own life. I will talk more about my husband throughout the podcasts as we continue. We really value and respect the principles and practice them as well. We are not perfect, but continue to practice these principles.

All are Welcome!

I have named the podcast Better Wife Better Life. While this is geared towards women, if you are a male, there is plenty to take from this podcast as well. If you are a male listener, Welcome.  This is for anyone who is single, married, or in a  long-term relationship; even if you aren’t a wife yet, there is something in here for you as well.

We Broke Up!

Something I don’t always share with my clients is that my husband and I broke up for a year in our dating relationship. We started off the first part of our engagement and our marriage in a rough patch. We buckled down and started using the principles of The 5 Love Languages as well as the Gottman Method which has helped us get through the conflict we were in. The last two years of our marriage have been more wonderful because of the practice. I will weave in stories of our relationship more in future podcasts.

My Needs aren’t Being Met, But it is FIXABLE!

I have treated a lot more female clients, who feel that their needs aren’t being met. There is a build-up of resentment and feel burned out and taken advantage of unknowingly or taken for granted unknowingly. We are not perfect,  and we all have room for growth. The vast majority of concerns from my clients are fixable! I have hope that change can happen.

Gottman Marriage Research

A little background on  Dr.  John and Julie Gottman, marriage researchers. Dr. Julie Gottman has done the clinical research implementing their research into relationships and this is some of the strongest research (Dr. John Gottman) we have for romantic relationships.

I want to, in this podcast, share research and pointers that I have shared with my clients. I won’t share client details as to protect their confidentiality but will share basic things that work research and literature. I will pull from other components such as Emotion Focused Therapy and Family Systems.

I want you to have a take-home message each time.

Change Begins With You!

I have experienced this as a wife and as a therapist with my clients. So many times, I hear, “well if the other person would change then things would be better. Only if they would do this, I wouldn’t have responded that way.” As a woman, sister, and as a therapist, I totally get that! I completely understand! Change isn’t going to happen, or very slowly if you are waiting on the other person to change.

If change begins with you, what does that look like, where do I start?  What is the area of growth that you can work on? Let’s start there!

So keep listening!


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