Life is hectic.  Seeing a therapist is expensive and you got other things you wanna do with that money.  You’re not 100% sure recovery is something you want to pursue yet.  It’s hard to picture what life would look like without anxiety, pursuing weight loss, avoiding people or situations that remind you of past trauma.

Or maybe you’re someone who is in therapy and it’s helpful, but you want MORE.  You leave a session maybe forgetting some of what you and your therapist talked about, but you don’t want to wait until the next session to remember what it was.  Or maybe you didn’t forget anything, it’s just that the 45 minutes went by so fast and it’s hard to wait a week or two to get more support!

Could be you are another therapist and you’re not ready to commit to supervision yet or maybe you’ve had tons of supervision and you just want an extra boost of information.

We get it. 

There are a million reasons you may not be ready to dive into therapy or supervision right now, or maybe never.  Or you find therapy or supervision so helpful but there’s only so much time and money to go around and it just doesn’t make sense to go to therapy or supervision more often. 

We still want to serve our community, so we now have free on demand webinars and low cost live webinars!

Our on-demand webinars are free for everyone.  Just click "watch now" on any of the webinars below and you'll be directed to 30-45 minutes of encouragement, education and...well...food for thought, we guess you could say! 

If you'd like to stay informed on our live webinar offerings, click here and we'll keep you informed!  

Interested?  Intrigued?  Still not sure yet?  Check out our current offerings and if there is a topic you’re interested in but you don’t see it, fill out our survey here or send us an email at info@harmonytherapygroup.com and let us know!

For more in depth information but still not sure about trying therapy or supervision yet, check out this information about our E-Courses.


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