About Harmony Therapy Group's Shelbi Manela

High quality and evidenced based therapy to effectively address and treat eating disorders, poor body image, anxiety, depression, stress and relationship issues.

Our Skills & Expertise

Apart from the primary focus of building a great relationship with you, we feel strongly about evidenced based care. At a minimum, our clinicians all have a Master’s degree and are either certified in specialty areas or receive specific training in focused specialties. We are intentional about utilizing theoretical orientations and techniques that have been researched and show the most possibility for growth and change in your life.

We are an out of network provider at all of our locations and can provide a Superbill after each session for our clients interested in submitting their own insurance claims.

Shelbi Manela

Shelbi manela

Shelbi Manela is our content creator at Harmony Therapy Group. She works on the social media for Harmony Therapy Group and creates content for all of our PowerPoint presentations, webinars and e-courses.

She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at Texas A&M University (Gig ‘em!!) with plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Marketing.

Helping You Thrive