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Connection with others is where long lasting changes can be made.

Eating Disorder Recovery Process Group

Eating Disorder Recovery Process Group 

If you are searching for freedom with food and body, a group can be a great place to engage in shared experiences with others and receive validation and resources through this process.  

We meet online via Zoom and this is a 75 minute group that meets on Thursdays from 4pm to 5:15pm EST and is $100.  

This group requires a referral from a current or former individual therapist.  

Email to get more information or to schedule a free 15 minute prescreen.

Perfectionism Process Group

Perfectionism Process Group

Whether you are wanting to find a sense of peace and calm, have more brain space for the things that really matter to you or find ways to take some things in life in stride, this group will help you turn perfectionism into a strength and not something that gets in the way of the life you want to live!  
We meet online via Zoom every Wednesday from 1pm to 2pm EST and the cost of the group is $75.  
Email to get more information or to schedule a free 15 minute prescreen.


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