Episode #20 Publicizing Your Problems

Publicizing Your Problems

Episode 20 – Publicizing Your Problems Meredith is deviating from the Gottman research in this episode and discusses her notice of publicizing your problems by complaining about partners on a public forum. She tells how sometimes she sees people posting things that are sort of a “dig” at them, not the mutual funny ones, but…

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Episode #19 Repair Attempts

Repair Attempt

Episode 19 – Repair Attempts In this episode, Meredith is continuing on with building a foundation of healthy communication skills within a relationship. Repair attempts have to do with managing conflict well. She reminds us that all happy and healthy couples fight, argue, and have conflict! Although, the difference maker is how they manage the…

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Episode #18 The Soft Start-Up

Soft start-up

Episode 18 – The Soft Start-Up Soft Start-up: What is this skill? In the following episode, Meredith discusses the skill called a soft start-up. This skill helps in times of conflict. As we all can assume, conflict is inevitable and we want to be prepared or strategic when approached with a conflict. With a soft…

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Episode #17 Pursuer and Distancer


Episode 17 – Pursuer and Distancer You are so low maintenance and easy going with this Holiday! Hey everyone, welcome to BWBL episode 17. I am really excited to talk to you guys again, and I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day; if it is something that you celebrate. It is something that…

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Episode #16 Traveling


Episode 16 – Traveling Hi again, welcome to episode 16 of BWBL. My name is Meredith Riddick and I am excited to talk to you guys today. We are going to be talking about traveling with your partners or future partners. So, I love this topic! Traveling provides such rich opportunities for building rituals or…

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Episode #15 Attraction


Episode 15 – Attraction  “Yeah, she is cute enough!” Hey everybody, welcome to episode 15 of BWBL! Today I really wanted us to talk about the topic of attraction. And I will tell you guys why it has been on my mind a little bit more these days, it is kind of funny! I don’t…

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