addressing general anxiety, panic, obsessive-compulsive, PTSD, and more...


Fear, panic, worry, rumination, obsessions, control and perfectionism can all be forms of anxiety. 

The environment we live in often reinforces achievement and success, but we end up out of balance in life or feeling frazzled with our schedules, ourselves or others.

Maybe you experience anxiety in a way that gets in the way of your life so much you have to miss school or call in sick to work.  

And maybe you begin to notice your children start to walk on eggshells around you or experience anxiety themselves. 

Or perhaps you’re someone who wears a mask all day and hides all that anxiety until you get home and then have huge emotional outbursts you feel so badly about.

Or come home exhausted yet can’t fall asleep at night.

Or need alcohol or drugs to self medicate because you can't function without them. 

Balance, openness, peace of mind and flexibility become the desires, but we do not know where to start. Seeing a specialist here will help you with the support you need to get started toward your goals.


safe in stillness

Feeling Safe in Stillness

  Feeling Safe in Stillness Right now, chaos reigns.  Maybe it is...

Telehealth Sessions

  Telehealth Sessions Hurricane Harvey Since being in private practice starting in 2009, I had done virtual Telehealth sessions with clients every now and then.  However, in 2017, when Hurricane Harvey hit the city of Houston, Telehealth sessions became a necessity.  At this point, I had a group practice with two locations and several other…

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